anonymous time does not permit* (has a powerpoint problem) fugue, passacaglia, or canon (more than 20 second passage in a modern foreign language)
Beethoven mis-en-page any word not normally pluralized: e.g. "Musics," "Americas," "Renaissances" blues McClary
body mode FREE SQUARE signify* name of any female composer
Rousseau (re)-anything Mozart ideology* problematize
hip-hop or rap reconsider* a question by any of (a) Taruskin, (b) Leofranc, or (c)Terrance Bailey (goes to piano) voice
process patron or patronage* suspension editorial* suspended
voice modernity* McClary ref to election analysis
(in my)* forthcoming ♭6 FREE SQUARE (re)-anything context
metonymy borrowing sketches* mode ontology or meaning*
poetry Q: "I really loved your paper"* then trashes it ethno- musicology Wagner prolon- gation, Urline, or 5-line

Musicology Buzzword Bingo, 2008 Edition

voice jazz (reads footnote including publisher info) feminist* ontology or meaning*
ref to election modernity* suspended other member of panel obviously bored, asleep, or not paying attention (re)-anything
problematic Elvis FREE SQUARE borrowing isorhythm
Q: "I really loved your paper"* then trashes it palimpsest (louder, cooler paper with musical examples in next room plainly audible) string quartet audience
body analysis prolon- gation, Urline, or 5-line suspension gender
string quartet (louder, cooler paper with musical examples in next room plainly audible) (goes to piano) masterwork embodiment*
suspension signify* (makes quotation marks with hands) not unlikely or not impossible gender
(has a powerpoint problem) Elvis FREE SQUARE poetry Wagner
context editorial* motet ♭6 any PoMo term used ironically or made fun of
anonymous Reformation or Restoration name of any female composer process ref to election
Rules: (1) You can play as many boards simultaneously as you want. (2) Each time a word (or gesture) is used, cross it off (it's more fun for later if you leave the under writing legible). (3) Any paper, or public AMS event (awards etc.) is fair game, or anything overheard spoken by someone you don't know. Lunches with friends, etc. are off limits. (4) The middle square is a free square. (5) The object is to get five in a row horizontally, vertically, or through one of the two main diagonals. (6) To win, you must say bingo at least loudly enough for people nearby to notice; record the time that you won at. (You may of course choose to wait until the end of the paper to say this, but someone might beat you by then). (7) Post your winning bingo board on the AMS annoucement board with your initials or a pseudonym, for all to see. Two comments: (1) Words marked with a * don't have to be used exactly. For instance 'liminal*' can be satisfied by 'liminality', 'liminalness', 'liminalousity', 'neo-pseudo-liminalitude' etc. (2) Yup, to get that one last word such as 'motet' or 'blues' you might actually have to go to a paper on a topic outside your normal comfort zone. Maybe this bingo game will do some good for musicology -- MSC