for some reason, daisy seems to think that every web page i make needs to have some sort of hidden text for her to find. like life is one big highlights magazine or something. she's a good kid, but i don't understand why i indulge her sometimes.


Michael Scott Cuthbert <>

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third year graduate student, historical musicology, harvard university. graduate harvard college, '98. perl geek. minimalism. medievalism. 6'0". white/japanese. san diego transplant. web design. clarinet. random sketches. biography.

146 dudley street, #3. cambridge, mass. 02140. 617.461.8568

Web Design

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Graphic design, HTML/DHTML coding, Perl scripting, server configuration, site administration. Rates begin at $80/hour or $3500 for a small business site (c. 10 pages, incl. ISP setup, etc.). E-mail for availablity (earliest: October 2000).

Recent completions: National Bureau of Economic Research
Suburban Genome Project
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Research and Composition

sul pontecello strident dolcissimo with great force music research slowly distant tenuto medium yarn mallets seventh harmonic medieval tonaries (pdf 110k) pluck near pins (f.t.) sempre sostinuto hit two boards together equal almost mechanlical trecento research very deliberate depress silently shriek play into harpsichord quasi church bells paduan fragments col legno pochissimo crescendo fingernail scrape white keys parody mass (pdf 126k) with enough force to sustain pen (click) muffled metronome A440 let ring exhale shrill non-decresc. empty adagio soft beauty compositions moderately muta in saxophone alto composition main page lights off singing white tone in this cold winter falling into sleep senza sord gliss. espressivo et factum est vespere et mane attaca subito as fast as feasible pizz. ord compositional influences ritardando and broaden accent all downbeats slightly misc bring out knuckle on body slower very light mp ma pesante music dict reference fast waltz losing energy decel. tremolo more lyric

Image Archive

I've never been able to keep a physical scrapbook. Somehow I still manage to keep taking pictures now and then. Film is a transition medium between reality and the scanner. If only resolution on digitals were better.

People seem to be the recurring theme of most of the photos. Thus they have a semi-slick thumbnail interface.

The locations tend to be less interesting. More locations here. Look ma, I'm putting links inside a paragraph. I won't do that again.

More detailed information on some people is available, albeit squished. I tried to make something like that way back in summer '97, but it only ever worked on IE4.


Dramatis Personae:
DAVID CUTHBERT an engineer, brother to M.
CLAY ELIOT sax appeal.
SAURABH JHA astronomer
MICHAEL KIM another designer
DAISY STANTON musician, sometime francophone
MEDIAN STRIP one of those e-zines
NBER an employer